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SSO / SAML - OneLogin

After logging into your OneLogin account, navigate to the top options menu and select Administration, then from the top options menu select Applications > Applications and then select Add App button to begin the SocialTalent SSO Integration.

In the search bar type in the following text: SAML Test Connector (IdP w/ attr w/ sign response) and select the application that will appear as a result of the search you just did.

As an optional step, you can configure the Display Name and Icon. Our logo and favicon are uploaded as a part of this tutorial.

<Download → OneLogin tile>

Be sure to click Save to create the new app integration.

At this point, you should open the SocialTalent platform in a separate tab and work with the two web pages simultaneously. 

After saving the new SAML Test Connector application go to the Configuration tab to get access to the OneLogin application configurations.

Here's a guide to what information from SocialTalent goes into the OneLogin Application details fields under the Configuration tab:

Within the Configuration tab:

  1. Copy over the Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) from SocialTalent into the ACS (Consumer) URL Validator field on OneLogin. Make sure string in ACS (Consumer) URL Validator has similar format to: ^https:\/\/api\.socialtalent\.com\/api\/sso\/2\/acs$ (^ mark at the beginning, \ mark before each / mark, and $ mark at the end - this needs to follow a well known REGEX format).

  2. Copy the same Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) from SocialTalent into the ACS (Consumer) URL field on OneLogin (this value should be exactly the same as on SocialTalent).

  3. Copy over the Logout URL from SocialTalent into the Single Logout URL field on OneLogin.

Here's a guide of what information from OneLogin goes into the SocialTalent Admin Settings > Single Sign-On:

Within the OneLogin platform, go to the SSO tab to get access to the application SAML2.0 details and copy over Issuer URL from OneLogin into the SAML Metadata field on SocialTalent.

Make sure you have saved configuration changes on both OneLogin (SAVE button) and SocialTalent (SAVE SSO SETTINGS button) platforms.

Single Sign-On (SSO) SAML 2.0

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