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Rewards and Recognition Overview

Learning doesn’t have to be lonely. SocialTalent offers many ways for you to earn Rewards and get Recognition for your learning achievements. The Me → My learning progress page will show you each of the activities for which you have earned rewards. 


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Your Level is an overall representation of your learning achievements on the SocialTalent platform. A higher Level gives you huge bragging within your company and across your industry where SocialTalent is recognized. To reach your next Level, you will need to:

  1. Earn a certain number of points for learning.

  2. Be awarded a certain number of learning badges.

  3. Complete a certain number of learning goals.

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More about levels can be found in this article.


Points may be earned through the natural flow of your learning. For example, completing a Learning Item, Quiz, or Challenge will accumulate Learning Points. Points earned from learning enable you to build progress towards reaching your next Level.

Engaging in other activities on the platform such as Sending Kudos, or participating in Discussions enables you to earn points. Points are also used to measure the Skills you’ve built around completing content. Click here to see further details regarding Points. 

Certificates (Milestone Certificate)

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Certificates are awarded when you complete all learning Challenges (a series of assessment questions available at the end of a Mission) in a Learning Path


Completing a Learning Challenge (a series of assessment questions available at the end of a Mission) will earn you a Learning Badge (some companies may have Learning Badge assigning disabled).
Click here to see further details regarding Badges.


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Weekly Learning Goals

As a learner, you’ll be assigned a goal of a certain number of minutes of learning to complete each week. It’s often 30 mins. Achieving your Weekly Learning Goal will earn you learning points. Click here to see further details regarding Weekly Learning Goals.


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When you complete a SocialTalent Course and the Quiz that comes right after the course, you will earn points for the Skills associated with the Content of that Course.


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