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Skills Definitions

By focusing on the Skill Competencies you or your team can work on, you can optimise the SocialTalent learning experience. When users complete a SocialTalent Course and the corresponding Quiz, they earn points for the Skills associated with the Content in that Course. Users can check their Skill Points.

Here they can track their progression and even select a Skill to improve on.

Candidate Attraction

Strategies and tools from leading industry experts to help you leverage your employer brand and much more to attract top talent for your organization.


Practical tools and easy to implement tips and techniques on building pipeline, market mapping and business analytics to maximize your sourcing process and help you find a bigger pool of viable talent.

Candidate Management

Effective strategies covering the entire candidate hiring process including, candidate experience job offers and negotiation to help you create an excellent experience for both active and passive candidates as they move through the recruiting process.


Practical interview tools and techniques to help you assess a candidate’s knowledge, skills, behaviors and motivation to predict if they will be successful within your organisation.

Business Partnering

Strategic leadership tools to help you develop a wide range of business competencies, knowledge, and behaviours and enable you to: engage key stakeholders, build relationships, and become a trusted business advisor and partner.

Diversity and Inclusion

Tactical  tips, tools and techniques to help you work inclusively and fairly, interact, and develop relationships with people who share different ideas, ethnicity, customs and social behaviours.


Easy to implement techniques and effective tools to enable you to lead and develop high-performing individuals, teams and organisations.

Sales and Marketing

Effective strategies and techniques to help you sell recruiting services and apply world class market principles to employer branding.

Business Software and Tools

Practical knowledge on how to use specific systems, workflow and tasks.

Personal Development

Proven methodologies to maximise your productivity, improve your workplace performance and help you achieve your professional goals.

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