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Integrations capabilities


Whether your team is using SocialTalent in a stand-alone experience, or with a Learning Management System or a Learning Experience Platform, SocialTalent offers integration options around: single sign-on, content integrations, data and learning statistics

Single Sign-on (SSO)

To reap the benefits of SocialTalent’s world-leading learning we advise all customers to avail of our SSO capabilities to ensure simple and secure access. SSO allows your learners to seamlessly log in to Social Talent without the requirement to manage another password. SocialTalent supports the SAML 2.0 standard to enable SSO. Click here for more technical information regarding SSO.


SocialTalent can also integrate with most major Learning Management System APIs for sharing content and completions data. Please get in touch with your SocialTalent Customer Experience Manager for more information.

Content Integrations

Launch the SocialTalent Library from other Learning Systems

Like most online learning systems SocialTalent’s course content is accessible via deep links. To start or resume learning on a particular course, all you need is to click on the unique link for that content.

This underlying deep link capability facilitates integration of the SocialTalent library with other learning systems using CSV file exports. On the SocialTalent side we can dynamically generate a CSV file containing links, descriptions and other attributes related to our courses and export them to a server where they can be scooped up and loaded onto your learning system.

Content File Format

The customer will provide an SFTP location where a CSV file is exported too. Data formatted in the file below will be exported at given intervals.  On day 1 it is expected that the file should have the complete catalogue. From day 2 onwards the file will only have deltas i.e., courses added / updated / deleted since the last export.

Data Integrations

Centralise your User’s Learning Statistics

  1. SocialTalent also offers the option to share learning statistics back to your centralised learning system. This can be achieved in two ways.

  2. You may use the same architecture described above, where a CSV file containing a user’s learning statistics may be exported to a centralised learning system.

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