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How to recommend the Learning Path, Mission or Course?

NOTE: This function works only for Company Admins, Team Leaders and Managers

Recommending LP (Learning Path), course, or mission to other users on the platform is a great way to share your positive experiences and help others discover valuable content that can help them achieve their learning goals. Here are some steps on how to recommend LP, course, or mission on the SocialTalent platform:

  1. Find the LP, course, or mission that you want to recommend. You can do this by browsing the platform's library or by searching for specific keywords related to the content you're interested in.

    Explore tab view

    My Learning tab view

  2. Once you have found the LP, course, or mission you want to recommend, click on it to access its page.
    Look for a button that says "Recommend". Click on this button to open a dialogue box where you can choose the user or users that you want to recommend content or choose Team/s.

  3. You can choose Learners or Team or both for the recommendation.

    After clicking the “Recommend to selected learners/teams” button you have the option to attach a custom message for the recommendation email (you can leave it blank if you don’t want to add an additional message to the recommendation email).

    The recommendation email that the user is receiving looks like this:

    The user can find the recommendation information also in Me → Recommended to me

By following these steps, you can easily recommend LP, course, or mission to other users on the SocialTalent platform and help them discover valuable content that can support their learning and development.

Please note that the notification for the recommendation content might appear within 24 hours from the time the user recommended to others.

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