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Engagement bar

The Engagement bar is visible only for Company Admins

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The engagement bar for an admin is a visual representation of the level of engagement and activity on the platform. It takes into account three key metrics: usage, completions, and satisfaction, which are defined as follows:

  1. Usage: This refers to the percentage of users who have logged into the platform out of the total number of users who have been provisioned. For example, if there are 100 users who have been provisioned on the platform, and 80 of them have logged in at least once, the usage would be 80%.

  2. Completions: This metric measures the number of courses that have been completed by learners in the company. The higher the number of completed courses, the more engaged and active the users are on the platform.

  3. Satisfaction: This is based on feedback from users in the company, which is collected through surveys or other feedback mechanisms. The satisfaction rating reflects how happy and satisfied users are with the platform. You can also run a report and check the rating by using our ‘Content Feedback Report’.

The engagement bar provides a quick snapshot of the platform's overall engagement level. Clicking on the "See more" button will take the admin to the detailed reports tab, where they can access more detailed information and metrics to analyze engagement and identify areas for improvement.

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