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Bulk Deactivate users

To deactivate multiple users, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest template and populate your file as indicated on the "Read Me First" sheet (Make sure you put “YES” in the E column next to the users you want to deactivate).

  2. Upload the populated file to our platform.

  3. Press the green button “Deactivate users”

  4. Confirm your decision. A prompt message will inform you of how many users will be affected. If you are sure this is the correct amount of users, press the green button. If you are unsure press “Cancel” and review your file again.

  5. The system will work in a background check if there are any errors in the file. You should receive an email about the process progress. If the uploaded file will have an error, you will get an email with an attachment of all the issues in the file.

    If you encounter any errors, please ensure all your data is correct and necessary changes are made. If you still have problems updating users, please contact our support team.

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