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In some instances, a SocialTalent Customer’s IT Team may need to be engaged in order to Whitelist URLs used by the SocialTalent platform if the URLs are being blocked by the customer’s firewall. It is essential that learners have access to all of the necessary URLs in order to use the platform. 

Whitelisting Application Domains

Login and usage of the SocialTalent solution require access to URLs around *. * i.e. any URL that contains the following string should be whitelisted →

If possible the whole domain should be whitelisted: *.* If this is not possible the URLs below must be whitelisted: → API to run the platform → URL to store images for emails → Used to connect to the Salesforce for our support widget*  (this means , etc.) → Require for Google Analytics and fonts — These two URLs are required for fonts. - Google Analytics collects the following information through the default implementation:

  • Number of users

  • Session statistics

  • Approximate geolocation

  • Browser and device information

* for Videos

Amazon CloudFront is a web service that speeds up distribution of web content. SocialTalent uses it to improve the download performance of training videos. See more info here.

Any URL that contains the following string needs to be whitelisted.

To watch SocialTalent videos, users will need to have access to URLs such as (but not limited to):

Platform important email addresses

Emails are also important to whitelist because any information regarding password reset, contacting our support team, or a welcome email may not reach the user due to blocking or email bounce.

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