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What is SwiftSignUp and how to create an account?

SwiftSignUp is a new login feature on the SocialTalent platform that allows users to create an account quickly and effortlessly. With it, the registration process is simpler and more efficient than ever before. Just a few clicks and learners can enjoy all available features of the platform.

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How to create an account with SwiftSignUp?

  1. Create your account by adding your first name, last name, and email address. Make sure to provide a valid email address because a “Welcome Email” will be sent to this email.

  2. Remember to tick off the box and agree with an “End User Licence Agreement”, after that click the "Create account" button.

  3. You will now receive a “Welcome Email” at the provided email address. Check your inbox and open the email from SwiftSignUp. In this email, you will find further registration instructions.

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  1. Click the activation link in the “Welcome Email” to confirm your account.

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  2. Create a password for your account (Remember to keep your login information secure and do not share it with anyone). Make sure it meets the following criteria:

    • Must be at least 8 characters long.

    • Must contain at least one lowercase letter.

    • Must contain at least one number.

    • Must contain at least one capital letter.

    • Must contain at least one special character (e.g., !, @, #, $).

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  1. After creating your password, click the "Save Password and Log In" button.

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