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What is downloadable content?

You can download our video and watch the content without an internet connection! Please be advised that this feature is available only on our mobile app.

Got five minutes while you're waiting for someone to join you for a meeting? Get your learning goal in! If you have a patchy Wi-Fi connection on your commute or want to save on mobile data charges, you can download your courses and episodes to watch offline. 

This allows you to download any course or episode and access it on the SocialTalent app. Your progress will update the next time your phone connects to the Internet.

How does Downloadable Content work?

It’s super easy! Just need to have your mobile phone and an internet connection while you download it!

You’ll see the “Download” button option next to each Course or Episode.

After pressing download button you should have below information:

You can find your desired material in “Downloads” section.

If you want to remove the saved content from you device, simply press “Delete Download”.


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