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Archived content basic information

What happens when content is archived?

If the content is assigned to users in your company, all company administrators will receive a notification 30 days before the content leaves the platform and then a reminder 7 days before the content leaves the platform. This gives learners enough time to complete the content and Company Administrators enough time to find alternative content. 

During this period, this content isn’t available in the Learning Path builder and we recommend you do not assign it to learners.

Can archived content return to the platform?

Archived content cannot be returned to the platform due to several reasons. Firstly, outdated content is replaced with fresh and more relevant material to keep the platform up-to-date and engaging for users. Secondly, the licenses granted by content authors or copyright holders may have expiration dates, preventing the platform from continuing to host the content beyond its authorized timeframe. These factors collectively contribute to the limitation of reviving archived content on the platform.

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