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SSO / SAML - GSuite from Google Cloud

G Suite SAML custom application login using Google as IdP.

After logging into your G Suite account, from the Admin Console navigate to the Apps menu and select SAML apps. Using the bottom right + button add a new SAML application.

In the Enable SSO for SAML Application pop-up window click SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP to begin the SocialTalent SSO Integration.

At this point, you should open the SocialTalent platform in a separate tab and work with the two web pages simultaneously.  

Here's a guide to what information from G Suite goes into the SocialTalent Admin Settings → Single Sign-On:

Within the Google, IdP Information section (Step 2 of 5), copy over Entity ID from G Suite into the SAML Metadata field on SocialTalent (see Overview section above) Click the NEXT button. 

In the next step (Step 3 of 5), provide SocialTalent as the Application Name. As an option, you can Upload the logo which will be visible to other users. Our logo and favicon are uploaded as a part of this tutorial. Please download → GSuite tile.

Here's a guide of what information from SocialTalent goes into the G Suite Service Provider Details fields (Step 4 of 5):

Within the Service Provider Details tab:

  1. Copy over the Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) from SocialTalent into the ACS URL field on G Suite.

  2. Copy over the Identifier (Entity ID) from SocialTalent into the Entity ID field on G Suite.

  3. Copy over the Start URL from SocialTalent into the Sign on URL field on G Suite.

Click NEXT button and then FINISH button (Step 5 of 5). Make sure you have saved configuration changes on both G Suite and SocialTalent (SAVE SSO SETTINGS button) platforms.

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