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SocialTalent's SCIM 2.0 API

SocialTalent's SCIM 2.0 API provides a RESTful interface for user identity management, enabling customers to automate user provisioning on the SocialTalent platform. This guide explains how to use the API to add users to the platform, assign them to learning paths and teams, and deactivate accounts when employees leave the company.

Integration with Identity Providers

The SCIM API can be integrated with customers’ existing Identity Provider systems such as Okta, Azure AD, or OneLogin. Once integrated, customers can add SCIM API to their employee onboarding workflows, which will automate user creation on the SocialTalent platform whenever a new employee is hired. Our API is created with the SCIM standard which is defined here-

SCIM JSON Template

The SCIM JSON template is used to create and update user records. When creating a new user record, the ‘Core team’ and ‘role’ fields are mandatory. The ‘role’ field has three possible values: ‘user’, ‘advisor’, or ‘company_admin’. The values for roles 'user' and 'advisor' in SCIM correspond to the roles 'Learner' and 'Team Leader' on the SocialTalent platform. The role value "company_admin" assigns the company admin role in the platform. Here is an example of the JSON template:

Adding Users to Teams (SCIM Groups)

The SCIM API can also be used to add users to teams. To do this, the ‘teamsToManage’ field is used in the JSON template. Here is an example of how to use this field:

Reports To: Field

Teams to Manage

User Defined Fields

User defined fields need to be sent the same way as learning paths or core team fields, with a “udf_” prefix to the variable name. Here is an example of how to send a user-defined field (Customer_ID) in the JSON template:

Deactivating User Accounts

When an employee leaves the company, their user account can be deactivated using the SCIM API. This can be done by sending a DELETE request to the user endpoint. After deactivation, the user will no longer be able to log in to the SocialTalent platform.

The SCIM API enables customers to automate user provisioning on the SocialTalent.

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