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Single Sign-On (SSO) Explained

What is SSO?

SSO is an authentication process that allows the users in your company to access the SocialTalent Platform using their corporate login and password credentials. 

If your company uses the SAML 2.0 standard in relation to identity provisioning, an option exists that would allow your users to access SocialTalent without the need to manage separate logins and passwords. Users log in once and get one-click access to their training.

SSO increases productivity by cutting down on login issues and troubleshooting. Security is also improved through SSO because users are relieved of the burden of having to store and manage multiple-password.

How do SSO and SocialTalent work?

If you choose to purchase SocialTalent and include the SSO capability, SocialTalent will provide your IT team with everything they need to configure our platform to match your in-house security and access standards. SocialTalent is not required to implement SSO criteria on behalf of your organisation. This will be the responsibility of your IT team, however, SocialTalent will provide you with an open API that facilitates users in your company to sign on to the SocialTalent without a user password stored on SocialTalent servers.

Do I need SSO?

No. For some companies, it is a strict requirement but many organisations purchase and implement enterprise solutions such as SocialTalent without setting up SSO. Your IT and legal departments will be able to inform you if SSO is a requirement for your company.

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