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Resources tab

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The resource tab is placed under an episode that contains external files needed to work with them related to the episode. 

This tab may contain links to articles, books, websites, videos, or other materials that provide more in-depth information or different perspectives on the topics covered in the episode. These resources may be curated by the host or guest speakers to provide additional value and insights to the listeners.

The resource tab is a useful feature for users who want to learn more about the topics discussed in the episode or dive deeper into a particular subject. It can also provide listeners with a way to continue their learning journey beyond the episode and explore related materials at their own pace.

We can download all the files at once - they are compressed in a ZIP file or we can download each file separately depending on the need we have. There are episodes in which there is no resource tab - this means that there is no need to work with additional files in this episode. If you think an episode is missing the resources tab and there should be a file please let us know.

Resources in languages other than your default one

If you need to download the contents of the Resources tab in a different language to your platform default, you can do so by changing the platform language. An article on how to change the platform language can be found here

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