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I’m getting the error “Email or Password incorrect, or account may be inactive, try again” What should I do?

If you are having trouble logging in to our platform, please follow the below steps:

  1. Ensure you are logging in at

    You can now also log in using your Google Account or Corporate Microsoft  Account if you have SSO authentication enabled. If you do not have SSO authentication, please directly type the email address and password in the box.

    Zrzut ekranu 2024-07-22 o 15.01.19.png

  2. Clear your browser cache/cookies

  3. Update your browser to the latest version.

  4. Try logging in the incognito or private mode of the browser.

  5. Please try a different browser.

  6. Check if your access to the SocialTalent site is restricted by running our connection test. This can be found here.

If the issue still persists while attempting to log in, it may be because your account is not active or your login credentials are invalid.

Password is Incorrect

If you don't have your password or can’t remember it, please click the Forgot your password?  

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Alternatively, you can contact the SocialTalent Manager/Company Admin in your organization and ask them to reset your password. They will need to select Edit User and then the reset password option. They can do this here.


Login Email is Incorrect:

If you are unsure of the correct email to the user, go to your Inbox (or Inboxes if you have more than one) and do a search for messages from

The email address that receives emails from is likely to be the one used for logging in. Otherwise, contact your manager or your company admin in your organization to provide you with your credentials.

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