If the need arises to check the number of courses or what courses a user has already completed, this article shows how to make such a report. It should be noted that the option to make such a report is available to the manager, team leader and company admin. If you are a user and need this information please report to your manager/team leader/company admin.

For Manager/Team leader/Company admin only

  1. Navigate to -> Reports -> Detailed reports -> New Report

  2. In the search column bar type “total” and tick “Total Courses Completed” / “Total List of all Courses Completed” -> Save & Run

  3. Type the name of the report and select if you wish to your report be “Private” or “Shared” → Click on “Save & Run”

  4. Report will generate and will be ready to export it to .xls or .csv format and download.

If the steps listed above don't work for you, please reach out to our support team at support@socialtalent.com.