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How to build and manage Programs?

What are Programs?

A program is a sequenced list of learning paths. It can be set up and assigned to teams of learners. And then future learning paths in the programs may be locked and scheduled since it's a sequenced list of learning paths.

Example of a Program:


How to Build Programs?

Steps to build Programs:

  1. Go to Admin Settings → Content → Click on "Build new Program"

  2. The below page will open and display certain information regarding to Building Programs. Read it carefully all the information before clicking “Continue”.

  3. Select the Learning paths that you want to add in the Program. A program needs to have a minimum of two learning paths.


  4. Enter the name of the Program you are building. You can also enter a lock date for the next Learning Path. This will automatically change the Learning path for the users on that date in sequence. If a date is not selected, the Learning Path will change once the user completes the previous Learning path in sequence.

  5. Add learners or teams and click on "Publish" to save and assign the Program to selected users or teams.

How to Manage a Program that is already added?

Go to Admin Settings → Content  → Click on "Manage existing Program"


You can update the following details in Programs:

  1. Edit Program

  2. Manage Learner

  3. Delete Program



If you have any questions regarding to Programs, please reach out to

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