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How does it work?

Uploading Custom Content

To kickstart the process, Company Administrators with the necessary permissions can upload their custom content directly from the Content Management page within the SocialTalent platform.

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After uploading, the system initiates a processing phase to ensure that the content adheres to the platform's guidelines. This step is essential to maintain quality and compliance.

After the video is uploaded you can edit the basic information for the video as name, duration, transcript, select the skills and add assessment questions. If everything is set you can click the Continue button and choose where you want to add the learning item.

When the courses are selected simply continue and your video/document will be processed.

Monitoring Progress

Company Administrators can track the status of their uploads by visiting the "Manage Custom Content" page. Here, they can monitor the progress of their content as it moves through the processing stage.

When the status of the process shows “Published” or is in “Draft” you can click on the learning item and if you wish, you can download the video or upload new video for existing learning item.

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