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How do I set a Target Completion date for a Learning Path?

Learning Path(LP) target completion dates are set for users. This is a metric used by managers/admins to pull reports on users and help understand the progress of individual users in the company. The date is not set for individual LPs but for users. The users can have the same date or different dates depending on the admin.

Important points:

  • Company admins and managers have permission to set completion dates for the Learning Paths of any user in the company.

  • Please be advised to check if users are assigned to a Program. Assigning a learning path completion date will be confusing if they have an existing start lock date for LPs in the Program.

  • The user access to the platform or content will not be affected once the target date is passed.

Below you can find simple steps to set a target completion date for Learning Path:

  1. Navigate to Admin settings → Organisation → Content Settings → Learning Paths Settings.

    Make sure the Learning Path Target Date is switched on.

  2. After checking if the option is switched on, go to User Management tab and select the user for which you want to set up/update the LP completion date → Click on “More Options” and click on "Edit completion date".

  3. Select the date and click “Save”. 

  4. Once saved, the notification will pop up with the confirmation of your action.

The Bulk upload feature (user(s) update) can be also used to add target completion dates. More about this you can find in this article

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