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How do I deactivate individual users?

Only company admins and managers have permission to deactivate users of the platform. Learners and Team Leaders do not have permission to transfer the licence. Please note that:

  • Company admins or Managers cannot delete another user with an admin role in the company. Please contact to deactivate a company admin.


Below you can find steps to deactivate users from the platform:

  1. Go to Admin Settings → User Management.

  2. Find the user in the search bar and click on the settings button -> Select “Deactivate User”.

  3. A new page will open which will show the details of the user who is being deactivated. You will have to confirm the deactivation by clicking on “Deactivate this user”. Once confirmed as “Yes”, the user will be deactivated.

  4. You can view the deactivated users in "View deactivated users" list and reactivate back the user(s).


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