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Data retention

​​In today's times, data protection and compliance with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are paramount. One crucial aspect of maintaining data integrity within a company is the management of valid licence pools. In this article, we will delve into the significance of valid licence pools and their connection to GDPR regulations.

The importance of valid licence pools

Licence pools serve as the basis for authorized access to various company resources. These pools not only regulate user access but also contribute to data security and regulatory compliance. When a company establishes a valid licence pool, it ensures that the company's and users' data is stored in our system, whereas if there is no valid licence pool in the company, in accordance with GDPR regulations, all data will be deleted 30 days after the licence pool expiration date.

GDPR Regulations and Data Retention

One of the key challenges in the modern business landscape is adhering to stringent data protection regulations, such as the GDPR. GDPR mandates that companies must manage and protect the personal data of EU citizens, providing them with control over their own information. This includes the proper retention and disposal of data. Failing to comply with GDPR can result in severe penalties and reputation damage.

Data Deletion and licence Pool Expiry

A critical aspect of data protection under GDPR is the proper management of data retention periods. In cases where a company's licence pool expires and is not renewed, there are serious implications for data retention. According to the regulations, if a valid licence pool is not in place, the company data will be wiped out after 30 days from the last day of the licence pool's validity. For instance, if a licence pool is valid until 30/03/23, the company's data wipe schedule will be set for 29/04/23.

Impact on Active Users

It's important to note that the data wipe isn't limited to inactive users or obsolete data. Even active users within the licence pool will face deletion if the licence pool is not renewed. This emphasizes the urgency of maintaining up-to-date licence pools to ensure business continuity and data protection.

Ensuring Data Continuity

To prevent the potential loss of valuable data, companies should prioritize maintaining valid licence pools, by renewing the licence pool on time or contacting their Account Manager. One effective strategy is to extend the expiration date of the licence pool.

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