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Custom Fields

What is a Custom Field?

Custom fields are used to store and represent unique user data. A company can setup up one or more custom fields according to their requirement.

How to set up custom fields for your company?

To set up custom fields, please contact your SocialTalent Account Manager or Customer Success Manager. If you do not have a CSM, please contact our Support Team for assistance.


Custom field name: "Employee ID".

When a custom field is enabled, the manager or company admin will be able to see this field while adding individual users to the platform.

If you wish to have a custom fields available for your company, note that the following details will be required to enable this feature for users:

  1. Custom field name like employee ID, Corporate ID, etc.

  2. Is this a required field for all users? Yes/No

  3. Is this a unique field for all users? Yes/No

  4. Will this field be editable by individual user on the platform? Yes/No

Once this is setup by CSM or our Support team, you can see your custom field in My Settings → General Settings. 

After custom field is enable the bulk upload excel sheet will also contain the custom field column.

To disable or update custom fields please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our support team at

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